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Online Resources for Teaching the Weather
vine.jpgMany of you teach weather concepts as part of your science courses, and hurricane season can be a chance to learn weather-related topics while atmospheric events are in the news. If you need to brush-up on weather concepts check out the Learning Center created by the National Science Teachers Association. The site has "science objects" - free learning experiences available online anytime, anywhere for teachers).  Each of the science objects found here were created for teachers, both new and experienced, who need a "content refresher". The Objects include multimedia content, interactive simulations, audio, questions, 'student misconceptions to watch for' and ideas for addressing these misconceptions. The Learning Centre boasts more than 30 online activities in regard to weather-related topics.

Online tools can do a lot to help your students visualize the concepts discussed in class.  There's no shortage of great resources available; here are two of our favorites.   Edheads, has an online activity for students where they get an opportunity to learn how to predict the weather.   There are three levels to the activity, each adding more advanced concepts to the last - maybe we can train some more accurate forecasters!   A teacher's guide is provided to help you use this resource in the classroom.

National Geographic's Forces of Nature is also a great interactive site where students have the opportunity to learn about hurricanes and tornadoes.   Straightforward explanations and, as you would expect from National Geographic, amazing images.   As a final step in these activities, students get an opportunity to "create" their own hurricanes or tornadoes where they have to apply their knowledge to select the correct conditions for either a hurricane or tornado to occur. These are just a few of the many resources available online - you can check out more at LessonGateway.com; just do a search for "weather".

Grab an e-umbrella and get out there!



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